About Us


The more rapid development of the business world in every way, especially in Indonesia cause business competition is getting tighter, the appropriate implementation of information technology plays an important role in supporting the quality of a company.


PT. Alphatech Indonesia established September 2010 on the notarial deed of Jakarta, and in form by the shareholders who have experienced more than 15 years and has qualified human resources.

In subsequent developments we provide competitive products and also provide information system solutions in the world of business / industry in Indonesia.


Making the PT. Alphatech Indonesia as a trusted company that provides human resources and quality products and innovative.


– Provides an information System solutions to all clients to optimize business within the company.
– Maintaining good relations within the trust and professionalism in work.
– Provides the best possible service for the convenience of the customer.
– Always provide the best products from the company.
– Providing quality human resources especially in the Information Technology.

In achieving this mission the whole range of PT. Alphatech Indonesia is committed to always optimize the capacity and maintain good relations among internal company and also with the whole client.